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Dear Fellow Christian Parents,

Help with homework.

How would you like to get fun and educational Bible lessons, crafts and activities for your children delivered to your home every week?

Lessons that will teach your children classic Bible stories in a language they can understand and with activities that leave them wanting more?

You're a busy parent, but you know the importance of imparting Biblical knowledge into your children at a young age. You want to make sure they have all the tools they need to make a decision to follow Christ when the time comes.

But you don't have time to look all over the internet for fun games and crafts. And you don't have the energy to run to the Bible Bookstore each week for new material.

We Bring The Lessons Right To Your Front Door

Kids in this generation will not sit still for a lecture, they want hands on activities that entertain and challenge them.

You can give them fun, educational and spiritual lessons and activities by subscribing to the Kids Devotion Junction Kits.

Here is a quick overview of everything included with your Kids Devotion Junction Kit:

  • 12 Classic Bible Lessons Mailed to Your Home
    No more searching the internet for lessons to to share 
          with your children and you don't have to use valuable 
          printer ink printing copies.


  • Crafts & Art Projects
     We send you all the supplies you need for the crafts so there's no
          last minute trips to the art store - you can start on your crafts
          right away!

  • Games and Activities to Explore Together
    These games and activities make learning the Bible fun.
          Your child will never be bored with their devotion time again.

  • Devotion Junction Tunes
    A Fun Weekly Radio Show comes on CD with each lesson. This is
          great if your child is an oral learner or a beginning reader - they can
          have the lesson read to them and then go on to the activities.

  • Full Page Coloring Sheets
    Your children will love displaying their new coloring sheets on the
          refrigerator each week.

  • Fun Quizzes
         Kids get a star for every question they get correct. (Kids LOVE stars!)
         And parents get to see what areas to go over again with their kids.

  • Parents Corner Guide
         Filled with information and tips to help you navigate the weekly
         lessons with your children.

Here's What Parents Are Saying About Our Lessons

Wow! This looks great! I can't wait to share with my kids. Thank you for an awesome resource!
-Karla M.

Thanks for the Bible Lessons on the Easter story. It's nice to share them with the children in our children's ministry. I can't wait to receive more activities from you.
-Susan D.


Little girl painting in concentrationJust imagine how much fun your child will have with all these lessons and the great crafts and activities. And you'll feel great knowing that you are giving your child a solid Biblical foundation.

Click below to order, so you can get begin receiving your Kids Devotion Junction Kit right to your door.

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As Christian parents, we know that our children are a blessing from the Lord and they come with the awesome responsibility of training them in the way that they should go.

Take a few minutes right now to ensure that you've got a weekly reminder to share a new Bible lesson with your children.

Not only will the Kids Devotion Junction Kit make it easier for you to teach your child the Bible, but it will help make learning fun and memorable.

I look forward to sharing the Bible with you and your children!

 Chanda Stegall

Chanda Stegall

P.S. Still not sure if this is right for you, or if your child is ready? Don't  worry. We have a 30 day Money-back guarantee! Simply contact us within 30 days of purchase date to receive your money back, minus shipping & handling, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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